Eton Properties Philippines, Inc., one of the biggest and most reputable business conglomerates in the Philippines, asked themselves – what better place is there for dynamic travelers to stay than in a hotel connecting you directly to all that the city has to offer?

    It was from that vision that The Mini Suites was built. The Mini Suites is strategically located at the heart of Makati City that gives guests direct access to Makati’s interconnected network of walkways, easily unlocking the city’s day-to-night offering.

    The Mini Suites itself is a welcome contrast – a mini sanctuary in a busy metropolis. For visiting guests, it offers the comforts of home in an unfamiliar new city. For busy professionals, it is a restful chapter in an activity-filled itinerary. For young travelers, it offers quality hotel amenities, security and friendly staff at an affordable price. And for all guests, it is an enchanting private space that opens up to the vibrant public sphere.

    The Mini Concept

    Hong Kong's iconic Mini Hotel comes to Manila. There are modernistic stylish design hotels, and then there is MINI - a home away from home for global explorers who travel the world with open minds. 

    Big on Quality, Light on the Pocket

    In the Mini Suites at Eton Tower Makati, we do away with the unnecessary. We design each facet of guest experience with a purpose in mind. The result? A comfortable and convenient stay that has everything you require, and none of the inconsequential.


    In with the New

    World-class comfort during your stay at The Mini Suites is made complete by top-notch amenities and services giving you something to look forward to after a day of wandering around the city. Our fitted rooms with indulgent beds and pillows are sure to provide you an accommodation that would match your taste. We highlight safety, connectivity, comfort, and accessibility which, combined, make for an unforgettable stay.